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$15 / mo
  • Certified meal plans
  • 3 meals and 2-3 snacks/day
  • Goal Tracking


$25 / mo
  • Certified meal plans
  • 3 meals and 2-3 snacks/day
  • Goal Tracking
  • Priority support via Email


$249 (one time)
  • 60 min in-depth, private consultation
  • 60 days of wellness action plan
  • Personalized meal plans for your needs
  • Progress check-ins & adjustments
  • On-going accountability & support

We Do All The Work For You

Created by registered dietitians, our meal plans and daily food planner are simple, designed to shift the focus back to what is important: YOU! Learn to enjoy food again by integrating healthy, whole ingredients back into your diet. Say goodbye to fads and stay in control of your meals.

Designed by Dietitians & Doctors; Tailored to You

Plans are evaluated and designed by doctors and dietitians. They provide balanced, healthy, nutrient rich meals that are also delicious! Pre-planned meal plans provide variety as you start creating healthy, nutritious meals.

Meal Plans Based on Your Personal Information

Our plans are designed to teach NEW habits. Each meal plan template teaches a 7-day rotation which can be followed for several weeks until your new habits are in place. Food exchanges can be done to revise plans to meet your personal food preferences. If you get bored with your meal plan, you can select from other meal plan types available within your subscription plan.


“Elizabeth was super at our first meeting! She trained both me and my husband together, and we both liked working with her a lot. She is very knowledgeable and was great to work with. I'm looking forward to contiuing to train with her.”

-Personal training, Emmy G.

Brought to You By Licensed Dieticians, Doctors, & Certified Nutritionists

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD
Dr. Washington Bryan, MD
Nell Stephenson, BS
Dr. Zacharia Reda, MD
Suzanne Fisher MS, RD, LDN
Daniel J. Muppidi, MD

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