I am a retired cancer researcher (17 years) with a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biophysics. Recently, I made a career switch from cancer researcher/professor to holistic health coach and dancer. During my journey to become a holistic health coach I have studied and have gained experience in various areas including nutrition, personal training, mind-body (yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi), and life coaching. All these areas, in addition to my career as a researcher have provided me with experience and knowledge that I am happy to share with you.

Although, I have been active most of my life, I made the decision to become more active, to improve my nutrition and to take better care of myself because diabetes runs in my family. Surprisingly, I was on the path to developing diabetes myself although I was a lifelong runner.  Running was not enough to counteract the impact of my overall sedentary lifestyle or to counteract my daily sugar addiction. As an early part of my journey I incorporated weightlifting and once I was fitter (eating better, overcame my running injuries), I decided to pursue my lifelong dream to dance. I am a late life beginning dancer (I study ballet, modern, tap and hip hop, although my focus is ballet).  Getting up and moving was easy for me, but the nutrition part is where I am really focused.

Early on in my journey, I realized that eating well and better is vital to improved health and health maintenance, and because of my interest I became a certified nutrition consultant.  Proper nutrition is vital for preventing disease (e.g. cancer, diabetes, and heart disease), maintaining a healthy weight range and stabilizing disease states.  Eating well, better and smarter is a consistent focus in my life and I work hard to make better nutrition choices every day. Attention to proper nutrition has a major payoff because it allows me to dance many hours a day, teach fitness classes, and properly heal my body after hours of physical exertion. I use my knowledge of nutrition to get the nutrients I need and to prevent inflammation.  Although I have lost a good deal of weight along the way, I work on nutrition every day to keep going on my fitness journey.

Finally, as a yogi (RYT 200) and Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, I find that the mind body connection is very important for one's overall health and emotional wellbeing.  It’s hard to avoid stress in the world today but it’s important to take time to relieve stress. Stress itself also makes us vulnerable to illnesses. Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates are modalities that can provide relief from stress.

I want to share my knowledge with others. I have turned my health around and I am eager to help others get healthier and start or maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.   I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Professional Coach, an AFPA Certified Nutrition Consultant Master Level (APFA Nutrition and Wellness consultant, Holistic Nutrition consultant and Sports Nutrition Consultant, Certified Weight Management Specialist) and ACE Group Fitness and ACE Mind and Body Certified and an UrbanKick instructor.


I believe that you must find what you love and just do it. Your body is the only one you will ever have, you live in it, and you must take care of it now. I truly believe that being physically active, eating in a healthy manner and practicing techniques aimed at stress reduction are the best ways to manage long-term health. As a former cancer researcher, I know that how we take care of our bodies is closely linked to our overall health. I intend to dance for health and eat for life. I aim to spread this philosophy to others. Proper nutrition and a healthy weight prevent many if not most cancers and many chronic diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.